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EconEssay is an initiative by Economiga to provide a platform which would enrich the research culture among amateur economic aspirants. This would open up creative ways to approach economic issues to a wider range of audience and to bridge the gap between the mainstream economic jargons and the layman. Generous support from academicians and research scholars from various universities all over the country is the backbone of this initiative.
One of our key goals is to encourage research scholars and research motivated aspirants to make use of this initiative as a stepping stone towards their research writing, specifically with respect to the publishing of research articles. 

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What we look for?

Through EconEssay, we try to develop essay writing skills among the budding economists with the focus in wide variety of categories such as mini essays (short articles), opinion papers, book reviews, movie reviews, research analysis, argumentative essays etc. This may include topics which are pertaining to the subject matter of economics, or other areas which are closely in tandem with economics which ensures the pragmatic relevance and the interdisciplinary nature of this beautiful subject. {fullWidth}

Rewards and Takeaways

There is no registration fee and still you get a chance to win the following cash prizes:
  1. First Prize (₹1500)
  2. Second Prize (₹1000)
  3. Third Prize (₹500)
Winning essays/articles will be published on our website along with other works which are worth the publishing quality (this doesn't have any rank cutoff). The winners will be contacted via the contact details provided by them in the application/registration form.

You can register and submit your articles/essays for this competition here. {alertSuccess}

Format for the Essay

  1. File type: Doc(x)
  2. Structure: Essays must be written in English, Times New Roman, font 12, single line spacing.
  3. Theme of the Essay: Any topic related with Economics. 
  4. Word Limit: 500 to 1200 (excluding images, charts, tables etc) 
  5. Referencing: All sources must be properly referenced, using APA style preferably
  6. Author Details: Author details should be included within the document.
  7. Plagiarism: High Level Similarity Index / Plagiarism (More than 25 %) will not be entertained.
  8. Last date of submission: 24/12/2020 (updated) {alertInfo}


  1. The essay should be an original piece of work and should be written in the participant’s own words and not copied from any books, articles, or from the internet. This doesn't stop you from referring to either books, websites or articles, you are totally allowed to do that.
  2. Economiga is entitled to all rights (publishing, editing or even may be used for promotional usage) regarding every article that is submitted for this competition. 
  3. Essays must be written by one person. Co-authored essays are not accepted.
  4. One line catchy titles are recommended. 
  5. The selection criteria comprises  of content authenticity, the style of writing and presentation, relevance of the topic and simplicity in articulation.
  6. The essay should not contain abusive words, political agendas, religion, caste or gender bashing.  
  7. Entries will only be judged if they meet the eligibility criteria. {alertWarning}

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