JNU SSS 2019 - Question 28 (Solution)

Fred has recently graduated from college with a degree in journalism and economic. He has decided to pursue a career as a freelance journalist writing for business newspapers and magazines. Fred is typically awake for $112$ hours each week (he sleeps an average of $8$ hours each day). For each hour Fred spends writing as he chooses to work. If Fred decides to spend $80$ hours a week playing volleyball on the beach and the rest of his time writing, how much income will he have available to spend on consumption goods?
Fred is awake for $112$ hours a week.
Fred sleeps for $56$ hours per week.
Fred earns $\$75$ for each hour of writing.
Now, Fred decides to spend $80$ hours a week playing volleyball. Which implies that Fred's work time has reduced from $112$ to $32$ (since he can only work, when he is awake).

$$\therefore Total \ Income \ available = 32 \times 75=2400$$

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  1. Do you guys have solution for all years jnu ques ?

  2. Not yet, we will be updating the ones we are getting! Its a collective initiative, if you guys too get any solution, you may mail it to economiga@gmail.com and be a contributor in our website :)

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